Life in a Nutshell: Health, Wealth, Purpose, and Fun

“There’s too much going on” is something I’ve heard often from family, friends, and clients, and something I’ve struggled with as well. As we approach the holiday season, I thought I’d share one approach that’s worked for me.

When it feels like too much, I remind myself that a good life (at least for me) is based on 4 things: Health, Wealth, Purpose, and Fun.

Health and wealth are the easiest to define, as there are simple guiding principles:

– East well (real food, low sugar)
– Sleep well (dark and cool)
– Move well (walk and stretch)

And then add a few stressors of your choice:

– Lift weights
– Fast
– Sprint
– Sauna / Cold baths
– Avoid debt
– Save for emergencies
– Invest for the long term (using index funds)

And if you are up for it:

– Build a business

Purpose is, of course, a deep question and one you have to answer for yourself. It can take years to get it “right”, but it is important to find meaning in what you do.

Fun should hopefully be self-evident. Whatever it is that you do for fun, make sure to do it regularly.

The process I use is pretty simple: I look at what I am doing in the moment and ask myself to which of those 4 categories is it contributing.

Playing a game with my kids? Fun. Teaching my kids? Purpose. Exercising? Health. Reading the news? Not so clear…

If I can’t clearly link it to one of those 4 things, then it’s a sign I need to move on to something else.

Everyone will have their own way to deal with task overload, but if you are stuck on where to get started, give this a try.

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